MSSQL Interview Question Clustering- Part1

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Cluster environment is prevalent not only in big organizations but also medium and small. This is observed that in "Sql Server DBA Interview" the interviewer tests candidates with cluster questions. You will always be in the good books of your interviewer if you know at least basic info about cluster.

Q1-  What is the status of services on passive node for failover cluster in SQL server?
Ans - SQL services will be in manual and stopped. Cluster service will be in automatic and started mode on both the nodes.

Q2- Can you move the resources after pausing the node?
Ans - Yes resources can be moved after pausing the node. But we can't move them back till the node is paused.

Q3-  Where is the prevent failback option?
Ans - This is the resource group property. It doesn't allow the resources to move back to the preferred node once the node is ready to take the connections after failover.

Q4 - How does the failover happen? What checks are performed to ensure that another node is up?
Ans -
LooksAlive - The node which host the SQL server resources is verifed whether this node (server) is up
IsAlive - The node which host the SQL server resources is verifed whether the SQL service is up or not. Basically running SELECT @@SERVERNAME
Q5 What will happen if you try to start the fultext service on the passive node.
Ans: This can be started on both the nodes as this doesn't have any dependecy on SQL service or any resource which is possessed by active node.

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